La Oficina in D

check it out right HERE

tell me what you think
it's a bit fuzzy, I use a direct guitar to USB interface
comments plz.

I changed it from G to D cause it sounds a lot better that way.


my sore throatage is not due to metalcore, but to this nasty cold I have. I'll take a little break, record the office theme song maybe. Yeah :D


metalcore anyone?

old AFI, LP breakdowns, Living Sacrifice, Haste The Day, Underoath?

Can anyone here do vocals? I just started recently, and my throat is bleeding A LOT.

But I discovered today that if you eat packets of sugar after you scream it will make your throat feel a lot better. It's a lot better than liquids, because it won't destroy electrical equipment for music if it spills.

What I'm doing is filling a plastic bag with sugar, cutting a hole in the bottom, and covering said hole with duct tape. When I need sugar, I can peel back the tape and get some throat sooth-age. Yes.

Any suggestions on solutions to throat pain and how to keep your vocal cords healthy? I wanna be able to sing still when I get old. Not metal of course. Old people singing metal would be really weird.

Comments please.