Happy new year... and my favourite websites, gadgets and whatnot.

yay. new year. but I'm sitting at home with my mouth in extreme pain. let's hear it for wisdom teeth extraction. woot.

Since I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, I've had ample amounts of time to do absolutely everything, which gets kind of boring after a while.

Here are some things I've been doing/gadgets I've been drooling over/websites I've been frequenting (hopefully you can kill as much or more time than I have):
threadless.com . Coolest t-shirts ever. If anyone wants to buy me one you can have a digital cookie.
nystic.com . Great website with some awesome people who are willing to help you with hardware, software and the like or just to chat about life and music.
Macbook. If you just go look at apple.com you will soon see why they are so freaking amazing. What makes it even better is that it can run Windows better than computers made to run Windows can run Windows. I mean just look at this video of Smackbook. It's like the sweetest thing ever.
stuffwhitepeoplelike.com . It's good for a whole lot of laughs, if you are a white person reading it, you can laugh at all the lame things you do that are stereotypically white people things, and if you are not white, I encourage you to have a non-racist laugh about the weird ways of the white.

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