Musical Gems... and a little poll

I've been listening to a lot of music lately, some stuff that people know such as Eminem, as well as some uber indie stuff of many different genres. These are some artists that you might have heard of, but not necessarily, and deserve to get out there.
Give these a listen if you can:
Socratic: piano fused indie rock at its best
Blowzabella: Classical English and French instrumental dancing music. It's like drinking music, without the alcohol.
I'm From Barcelona: Swedish pop rock (vocals are English). The band has 25 members.
Silence Before Sunrise: Local John's Creek progressive band.
Rise Of Pompeii: Local Norcross rock band.
Houston Calls: Electronic infused punk from Jersey.
John Reuben: Sweet rap rock signed to Gotee.
Thriving Ivory: Piano rock. Really amazing, unique vocals.
Making April: Really good piano infused pop rock with amazing lyrics.
For Great Justice: House and breakbeat.
Great Big Sea: Celtic-y goodness.
Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra: Balalaika. Nuff said.
Millencolin: Swedish skate punk (English vocals)
Dave Melillo: Acoustic pop-rock from Drive Thru records.
The Hold Steady:
I don't really know how to describe them except soft alternative rock with great vocals.
Forgive Durden: can't describe, but awesome.
Backseat Goodbye: Acoustic awesomeness from Chad Sugg.
The Snake The Cross The Crown: Indie + Southern rock.

those are some of my recent favourites. What are yours? Post in comments. Also, on a side note, also post in the comments what kind of posts you would like to see more of.

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