chemistry wonderfulness

Chemistry was a weird class today. Every time we go to the computer lab, our teacher feels like she needs to educate us in computers, because we obviously don't know how to use them correctly (I mean why else would I have this blog?). We were making this powerpoint about ionic and covalent bonding and we had to show how the electrons from the different atoms bond to form a molecule. Yeah, kinda stupid. No one will ever have to make electron diagrams outside of school. I think the best part of this was her saying "You have to close the file before you save it."

If you do that, it's gonna be gone. I'll remember to listen to her next time I'm saving a 10 page paper.


  1. hey kara it's david b. you know from the neighborhood. i got a blog a long time ago, and this reminded me that i only did one entry.

    anyways, hate to be harbinger of bad news, but chemistry sucks, and always will. in fact, count on it getting worse. just know that there is salvation in physics next year, the most beautiful science known to man.

    do you have granville?

  2. haha I have bohannon
    she's not as weird but probably just as bad