just wondering

um I guess this is one of my Christian-y blog posts. I mean I am a Christian, and it's a good idea to reflect that in my blog.

I just want to say that Barack Obama is probably the least Christian "Christian" politician I have ever seen. Why?
He is 100% approved by planned parenthood.
and why is that bad you might ask? Look at this: http://contraception.about.com/od/contraceptionfailure/a/aboutabortion.htm (don't worry, I'll spare you those gruesome pictures)
all of the reasons women listed for getting an abortion can be remedied by this thing called adoption.
and his church is pretty much racist. Replace the word black with white and everyone would agree to that.

Just wondering was your decision about race or what you actually believe?


  1. Anonymous5/11/08 16:47

    i dont think if someone gets raped they should be forced to have the baby and then give it up for adoption.

    and my decision to vote obama was about my beliefs. it makes me sad that you think everyone just voted for him because hes black.

  2. I don't think that everyone voted for him because he's black
    I know for a fact some people agreed with what he thought
    but it bothers me that some people said if you didn't vote for Obama then you're a racist.
    also, the baby is not part of the woman's body. It has different DNA and moves on it's own. It has is own features and responds to stimuli. It's not the baby's fault if the woman was raped. And just because a rape occurred doesn't mean there isn't a plan for that kid.

  3. Anonymous5/11/08 18:53

    1) Any state with large numbers of black people where your "race" problem existed was won by McCain.
    2) Not eveyone is christian- in fact the Muslim religion is surpassing any Christianity- but that's beside the point. Your Christian feelings cannot and should not be placed on everyone because you think the fetus has a soul since its inception or w/e it is you think. Why should christian law control aethiests or agnostics or any other religion.

  4. it doesn't matter about Christian law. It's scientifically proven that the kid is a separate human being with different DNA. There is a good non-Christian pro-life perspective I will post tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous5/11/08 21:35

    Even though Muslim Religion is surpassing Christianity, i don't believe it is the the US.

  6. true
    there are more Muslims than Christians, but let's not instigate conflicts