pro choice arguments and non-religious pro life responses

1) "a woman has the right to her own body."

first off, it's silly to think that the law cannot tell us what we can't do with our bodies. we can't put certain drugs in them or sell ourselves for sex. second, this statement totally ignores the fact that the unborn are completely separate individuals from the mother. how can someone have two heartbeats, two different blood types, two sets of DNA? and, if the unborn is a male, how can a woman have a male part of her body? yes, the unborn need their mother for nutrition and saftey, but that does not make them any more a part of her body than some food she swallows is a part of her body.
to refute this statement, i'll tell a story about a little boy who had surgery for spina bifida before he was even born. at the end of the surgery, the baby reached out of the uterus and grabbed the doctor's finger. my question is this... who grabbed the doctor's finger? (full story: http://joseromia.tripod.com/samuel.html )

2) "what if she was raped?"

1% of all abortions performed annually are due to rape/incest. althought this is an extremely small number, this situation must be approached with great compassion, because the victim has already been through one violent act. why would we subject her to another, that of killing her own child? two wrongs do not make a right, and abortion will not alleviate the trauma of the rape. the victim needs love and care, and both she and her unborn child deserve better than abortion.

3) "you can't impose your morality on others."

using that logic, should we release all the rapists and murderers from prison to go free on the streets and allow them to do as they please, because we "cannot impose our morality on them?" of course not. if you saw someone beating a child bloody on a playground, would you not try to stop it? even if that's imposing your views on others?
we do not need to be given the right to speak up for the voiceless.

4) "you're all just a bunch of self-righteous jesus freaks."

not all pro-lifers are religious, but one doesn't have to be to have a sense of morality and know that killing a defenseless human being is wrong. simply because many pro-lifers are motivated by religious beliefs doesn't mean abortion a religious issue. (the civil rights movement was sometimes led by pastors and led in churches, but that doesn't mean civil rights is a religious issue). besides, if we start rejecting laws just because they are supported by religion, since that there is hardly anything illegal which is not also prohibited by Scripture, then we will have get rid of all of our laws.

5) "it has nothing to do with you. stay out of other people's privacy."

if everyone were to follow this idea, then we would not have any security in our nation at all. if everyone just "stayed out of people's privacy," children would be molested, women would be raped in their homes, and people would kill each other and no one could do anything to stop it. we would have no security, no police force, nothing. should we stay out of someone's privacy' when they film child pornography in their basement? should we stay out of a man's 'privacy' as he beats his wife in their bedroom? should we stay out of a woman's 'privacy' as she goes to have her child intentionally torn limb from limb?

6) "if it is illegal, then women will die in illegal abortions."

abortion advocates are flat-out lying when saying thousands of women died each year from illegal abortions and their own research proves it: in 1986, the AGI (alan guttmacher institute, the research arm of planned parenthood) gave proof that shows in the fifteen years before abortion was legal, the average number of women dying from illegal abortion in america was 136 per year and falling.
remember: pro-lifers don't perform abortions. if we made abortion illegal right now, and illegal abortionists came about in the next few days, each one of them would be pro-choice. think about it: any woman that ever died or was hurt during an abortion, legal or not, it was because of someone who was pro-choice.
basically, the abortion industry tells us, "if you make abortion illegal, women will end up dying because of it." but what in reality they're saying, "if you make it illegal for us to kill babies, then we'll start killing women."

7) "it's not a human because _______."

this is when people start making up their own definitions of what a human is in order to dehuminize the unborn. science undoubtely proves that at the moment of conception, a new human being is formed, with 46 human chromosomes and human DNA. at that moment, everything about that new human being is determined: gender, hair color, eye color, metabolism, whether they will be right-handed or left-handed, etc.
the definition of "human (noun)" and "human being" are interchangeable. wherever you look, you will see that when either is defined, the other is one of the definitions. in order to be a human being, biologically speaking, one must be a member of the genus homo sapiens, which the unborn are.

8a) "it's not a person."

according to the law, no. but if the law suddenly decided that those under age one are not considered persons, would you be morally comfortable killing them too?

8b) "well, it's not a LEGAL person so they shouldn't have more rights than the woman."

we are not advocating that the unborn have more rights than the mother. we are advocating that their rights are equal. if america was killing off women by the millions so kids could live the way they wanted, the pro-life movement would fight just as much to end that mass slaughter as well.
everyone has the right to live how they want, but they can't kill others in order to do so. when we say someone can't shoot someone in order to get money to buy a house, it's not to say he has doesn't have a right to buy a house or that he has fewer rights his victim; we're saying that someon's right to life is of higher value than someone else’s right to buy a house.
this idea also applies to abortion. the abortion industry’s own data shows that at least 93% of abortions are done for non-health issue reasons on a totaly healthy baby and a totally healthy woman who just doesn't want to be pregnant or have a baby, which shows that the abortion conlfict is between the unborn's right to life and a woman's wanting to not to be pregnant, and even though that desire may be rational, she can't be allowed kill for it.
another 6% are performed due to deformalities or disabilities of the unborn baby, which makes over 98% of abortions done solely out of convenience.

9) "the fetuses are parasites and a woman doesn't have to be a fetal incubator if she doesn't want it." (this one is for you, cameron johnson.)

parasites are something of a different species than the host. since both the woman and the unborn are members of the genus homo sapiens, they are both human beings, and therefore of the same species. also, during pregnancy, a woman's body goes through changes to deliberately provide nutrients and protect her baby. this does not happen with a parasite.
when a woman decides to engage in sexual activity, she risks pregnancy, even if she uses birth control. an innocent human being should not have to pay with his/her blood because someone's birth control failed. if one is ready for sexual activity, one must be ready to handle the consequences of their actions.
the pro-choice thought is that if people are "acting responsibly," they should not have any consequences. but even if people "act responsible" when driving their cars can still have accidents, and are still responsible for any damage they cause. in the case of engaging in sex, "acting responsibly" is more than using birth control to avoid pregnancy. it's also accepting (before having sex) that the woman may become pregnant, and abortion is about allowing people evade this part of responsibility at the expense of a child's life.

10a) "no one knows when life begins."

this means you are acknowledging the fact that it very well could be at the moment of conception, yet since they are unsure, it should be an accetable practice to destroy them. this is like sentencing someone to death before it's proven whether they are innocent or guilty. ridiculous, isn't it?

10b) "i don't think life begins until ________."

thing is, it doesn't matter when you think life begins. science proves it begins at conception. no scientific, biological, or medical text reference states that life begins at any other point. besides, pure logic demands it. life cannot come from non-life. if, at the moment of conception, the unborn are not, at least, alive, how is it that from that moment they are able to grow and develop?

11) "the fetuses aren't sentient. they don't feel anything. they don't care."

would it be acceptable to kill people in their sleep, then? or if someone you don't like very much is unconscious, is it ok to kill them? how about someone who is paralzyed? whether one can feel when they are being killed or not does not mean it's ok to kill them.
besides, if any of the pro-choicers took a little initiative and researched fetal development, they'd realize that nerves are developing by the eighth week, possibly even earlier. if touched, an 8-wk-old unborn human being will respond to the touch; they will move away from the stimuli; they will grasp an object placed in the hand.
and during an abortion, they will thrash around in a pathetic attempt to escape the sharp object that is ripping them apart.

12) "it's a legal right. it's about giving women a choice."

just because something is a legal right doesn't make it right. this is merely implying that the issue here isn't abortion. it's "chioce", and that is saying that what is being "chosen" really does not matter.
this is completely illogical, because we know that not all choices are equal. choosing what house to buy, or what color car to purchase, is entirely different than choosing whether to produce child porn. pro-choices think intentionally killing an innocent unborn human being perfectly fine, simply by choosing to have one.

13) "abortion isn't about convenience. a woman only gets one if she really needs to."

not only is this statement a lie, but planned parenthood's own research arm, the allen guttmacher institute, proves that 93% of abortions are done because of convenience (ie, the mother is single, the child would interfere with plans, the mother doesn't want (more) kids, etc), 6% are due to deformalities with the unborn/health of the mother, and 1% are because of rape. ("underlying reasons for abortion" http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/journals/2411798.html )

14) "if abortion is murder then masturbation is genocide!!"

whoever said this either does not know the definition of genocide or needs to go back to middle school and pick up a bio book. life begins at conception. not before, not after. we established this earlier.
abortion is genocide. what you do with your sperm... whatever. 23 chromosomes. not a human being.

15) "don't like abortion? then don't have one!"

typical pro-choice arrogance from those who realize they can't defend their stance on abortion!
of course, abortion can't be defended on its own twisted merits anyway, so the fact that many restort to this pathetic statement is quite understandable.


  1. Anonymous5/11/08 22:25

    wow. i'm not even going to bother disputing all of what's written above, because half of it is repeated over and over. instead, i'll just enlighten you with my personal opinion.

    Most people agree that you should not force your religious beliefs on someone else. Therefore, those that believe abortion is bad (for religious reasons) should just shut up. If they don't like abortions because God said no or w/e, then don't get one. They don't have to make the rest of the people feel guilty.
    If you are a rape/incest victim, well i know i would probably not want the baby. If i was traumatized by the original event, do you think i would want a child that shares half their DNA? NO.
    young people getting pregnant. well, they're dumb and it's they're own damn fault, BUT, why should they not be given a second chance to actually finish schooling, so that when/if they do raise a child, they can do it in a home with a steady income? why say "no, you have to have the baby" just so that you can barely support it, it will never know it's father, and whatever plans you ever had for college or your future are in the toilet. sounds like a pretty shitty deal to me.

    oh yes, and to add onto your little quote on #6: "if you make it illegal for us to kill babies, then we'll start killing women." <-- you'd be killing the baby too, so what would be the point of making it illegal, thus killing mothers? So, it should read this: "if you make it illegal for us to kill babies, then we'll start killing women, AND the babies."

    And finally, if i suddenly got pregnant right now, i WOULD HAVE AN ABORTION.This is because i have a future, i don't want a baby right now, and i'd rather bring up a child in a more correct environment than that of high school drama and no income.

    i hope that wasn't too harsh :)

  2. Anonymous5/11/08 23:03

    ^ Have you ever heard of an Adoption?? (No way *gasps*) There are thousands of people who want to adopt, most of which would rather not spend extra thousands of dollars to adopt from another country and would rather be fortunate enough to adopt here in the states.

  3. Anonymous6/11/08 00:02

    What does the bible say about abortion? And what are the religious beliefs you are thrusting on others?

  4. I'm pretty sure that adoption is the way to go
    my mother was in high school when I was born and she chose this thing called adoption and I know for a fact some of my friends would be dead right now if I wasn't around.

  5. and if some of my friends who were adopted weren't around I would be dead.

  6. Anonymous6/11/08 08:56


  7. um wow
    you apparently don't realize the effect that people have on other people. What if some kid that you abort would have grown up to discover the cure for cancer or AIDS? What if that kid would save someone's life?

    And, I didn't write this article
    I found it and I agree with it so I post it.

  8. Anonymous6/11/08 16:21

    Well if he was and he was killed then humans weren't ready to find out that cure because, as you call him "God", saw no purpose for him. If someone dies they obviously are done here. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Btw I'm not the first anon who commented here.

  9. This article was not about God. The other one was.

  10. Anonymous6/11/08 17:55

    Oh well that is my reply to the comment you made against the first anon's comment. That is what I believe about your point you made.

  11. ok you can believe that. There are religious and non-religious arguments for pro life. This was the non-religious one.

  12. Anonymous7/11/08 06:30

    Thank you for your posting. Hopefully this will change someone's mind. My husband and I struggled for a long time to have children. Maybe a woman out there would like to share a life with us if they don't want it.

  13. There are plenty of children looking for homes already. Also, I was adopted.