i enjoy din din

do you know why?
because my sarcasm comes out at din din.
Ok so, my daddy was all, "Do you have to stay after school tomorrow? Cause I have two webinars (Interwebs + Seminar) to go to."
and I was all, "wtf is a webinar? People think of the weirdest combination words. Like 'vlog.'"
and then my dad was all "So Randy put some of the questions in the iPod forecast."
(in case you didn't know, Randy is the pastor of my church, and the questions are for the series his doing)
and I was all, "today on the iPod forecast we have a great chance of some precipitation, mainly in the form of mpeg4's."

EDIT: I just choked on water. Awesome.


  1. Anonymous4/11/08 21:30

    iPod forecast?

  2. my dad meant to say "podcast"

  3. I'll add to this mashup, I'm delivering a Webcast next week for my company. That is what we call it, but really its more Web conferencing and is like a Webinar.

    I don't have a blog but am a regular contributor to two fine ones.

    First, The Rabbit Room http://www.rabbitroom.com/ This site is a place where artist come to discuss all manner of things. The name comes from a room at a pub in Oxford where the Inklings met to raise a pint and share in good conversation.

    The other is Steve Brown, ETC.
    This is the best podcast on the planet. It is Steve Brown at his best.

  4. Anonymous5/11/08 17:55

    I love din din and yeah sarcasm does seem to come out during that time! :)